Keeping it professional and looking fly at work is hard. Holdette makes clothes for work that have real pockets to ensure you look like the boss outside that we know you are inside

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  • Real Pockets

    All of our pieces have pockets big enough to hold your phone and so much more without the risk of it falling out.

  • Sustainable

    We use sustainable fabrics such as TENCEL to make our clothing as sustainable as possible.

  • Made to move

    All of our fabric is stain-resistant so you can't be slowed down when life gets in the way


How can I make a purchase?

We are currently in the production phase of our brand and will be starting pre-sales in Spring of 2020.

When are you launching?

We hope to start pre-sales in Spring of 2020.

How can I stay up to date on all things Holdette?

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I know I want to place an order. How can I let you know?

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