Women@Work: Sarah Ganzenmuller

Sarah Ganzenmuller currently works in Digital Marketing over at 829 Studios, but when she is not working her day job she is working to ameliorate the daily effects of “the coffee run”. Establishing her passion project, Rippl or @therippleffect, Sarah is combining coffee, technology, and values all in one program. 

Meet Sarah!


Harper: Can you tell us about your job?

Sarah: I currently work at 829 Studios as a Digital Marketing Strategist! 829 Studios is a Marketing Agency based out of Boston in the Back Bay area. My role as a Digital Marketing Strategist is to create Paid Social Advertisements for clients. These are the ads you see on Facebook and Instagram. We work with a variety of clients from Black and Decker to Boston Duck Tours. I love working at an agency because every day you are working on something different and looking at customers from a new perspective.

Harper: Can you tell us about your side hustle/passion project?

Sarah: I currently am working on my own startup called Rippl which encourages the use of reusables in the Coffee Industry. The name stems from "The Ripple Effect" or the continuing and spreading results of an event or action - which in this case is using a reusable cup instead of a plastic or paper cup. We are looking to launch Q2 of 2020. We plan to sell colorful metal tumblrs in coffee shops and online in addition to offering a mobile application. The app will act as a loyalty program for coffee shops by rewarding users with free coffee after a specified number of Rippl uses. Through our product and mobile app, we will equip coffee lovers with the product and technology that aligns their values with their choices. I recently finished the website, you can check it out here www.theripplfect.com!

Harper: What would a productive day look like at the office?

Sarah: As a Digital Marketing Strategist, one aspect of paid social I am in charge of tasking out creative for ads. This means I give the designers an outline of what I want the ad to accomplish, how I want it to look, and what images I want to use. I also launch the actual campaigns which consist of finding and reaching the right target audience, setting up the budget based on the clients' needs, and figuring out what placements make sense for the specific ad (for example story ad vs. newsfeed ad.)


Harper: What brings you the most joy at your work?

Sarah: I think arguably the most important thing about a job is the people you work with (okay, so maybe second to loving what you do.) Being surrounded by people who are driven and intelligent, though it may seem daunting, will push you to succeed and grow. Being surrounded by people who can make you laugh will make you forget you are at work. I am lucky enough to have found a job where the positive company culture makes all the difference. 

Harper: What do you think has been the most pivotal or most influential thing in getting you to where you are today? 

Sarah: The summer of my Sophomore year of college I moved across the country to California to sell solar panels. While it isn't necessarily one of my fondest memories, there were a lot of hard lessons learned. I think that decision is what set the tone for my career and in some ways has given me the confidence I need to keep pushing forward. Not necessarily in what I accomplished that summer, but more-so in my entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to take risks. 

Harper: What advice would you give to someone who is starting in the work world for the first time?

Sarah: Do what makes you happy. I believe that you should love your job, and if you don't get out. You are spending a majority of your day at work. I don't care if it looks bad on a resume- if you aren't happy, go somewhere new! As long as you can explain yourself, people will understand. This doesn't mean that if you struggle the first few weeks you should quit, you need to give a new job adequate time to figure out if it is working for you (they say by around 6 months you should have a clear idea.) As long as you give whatever you are doing a fair shot, I think you are crazy to stay somewhere for years just to prove something to someone you haven’t met yet. 

Harper: How have you found community post-college whether that be at work or outside work?

Sarah: My community post-college is the same as it was during college as well! I am very lucky to have met friends in college that I know I will have for the rest of my life. Also, I have a community within work, which I think is very important as well. Balance is key! 

Harper: What has surprised you most about starting a job?

Sarah: People don't know anything. Everyone is making it up as they go. It's funny because before working at an agency, I did marketing in-house, and I kind of figured that people in agencies knew something more than me. I thought that they had some marketing secrets I wasn't aware of. What I have realized is, even the CMO's of million-dollar companies that we advise don't have a clue what they are doing. So fake it till you make it and be confident!

Harper: What is your go-to office wear?

Sarah: Thankfully, we are allowed to wear casual clothes to the office. I can wear anything from leggings to a dress. Seems silly, but a casual dress code was a requirement for me while looking for jobs. I still love to dress up in trendy clothes, but I appreciate having the liberty to wear jeans and express my true style.


Thanks so much for talking with us Sarah!

Women@Work: Sarah Ganzenmuller

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  • Laura Duplisea

    you nailed it! I love your candidness in the interview. You WILL go far with your career. My next stop is checking out your web site: https://www.theripplfect.com/

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