Let's Meet Some Ladies

Want to get to know kickass women working at awesome companies? Holdette is excited to announce our new series: Women@Work.

Women@Work is the embodiment of the community we’re hoping to create. We’re the new chic in the office and just like women starting their jobs for the first time everything feels important and scary and monumental.

This community is for you. These interviews and blog posts will encompass the experience of those breaking into the workforce, those already established, and everything in between. We hope that by sharing these stories you’ll realize you’re a little less alone than the world might make you feel sometimes.

Women of all career platforms will be joining Holdette to discuss their path from college to career, what they find themselves doing outside of work, and what looks make them feel like the boss they are inside, outside. Holdette knows that entering the workforce encompasses a million things for everyone and we’re excited to share stories of women who are figuring it out, just like the rest of us.

At the end of the day, we know women are more than the clothes they wear and we can’t wait to share their stories to begin to uncover all that makes these women shine.

Welcome to Women@Work, we are excited to share it with you.




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