If you’re here, it's probably because you believe in our mission to support working women from the moment they get dressed in the morning. You’ve helped build up this community and supported us as we’ve grown. And now, as we take the next major step, we are grateful for your partnership.

Though women make up nearly half of the workforce, we’re given just 2% of venture capital funding. By investing in our crowdfunding campaign, you’re making a statement about where and to whom funding dollars should go. We see this as an opportunity, and we hope you do, too. 

We had several options when it came to crowdfunding sites, but we were drawn to IFundWomen. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, IFW allows campaigns to keep what they raise even if they don’t reach their goal. Every step towards success matters, so whether campaigns reach their destinations or they don’t, IFW wants to make sure they aren’t penalized for making progress. We also chose IFW because they reinvest 20% of the amount generated from the campaign fee back into other ventures on the platform, and we are impressed with their dedication to raising up the next generation of female entrepreneurs.

At Holdette, we deeply value community, and our partners at IFundWomen do as well. We’ve received tremendous coaching from their mentor network, as well as fellow female entrepreneurs raising capital on their platform. We are also lucky enough to have the head of partnerships at IFundWomen, Olivia Owens, serving as a mentor in our Back Pocket membership program. 

You might be wondering why we decided to launch our campaign during a global pandemic. We had been planning on launching this campaign for over six months and while we understand the disruption COVID-19 has caused, we’re also grateful for the support our community has continued to show us. We understand if your investment is not as high as it might have otherwise been or if you are unable to make a monetary investment at this time. If that’s the case and you are able to share about our campaign with a friend or on social media, that would be so appreciated. 

We also wanted to provide more information about what your investment will enable us to do. We are currently in the process of making changes to our suit before we are ready for manufacturing. The suit you saw in our video was our first prototype and we are still actively making changes. Your investment will help us cover these costs as well as produce our first suits once we are ready to manufacture. 

Thank you for your partnership as we take this next step. 

Big Hugs,

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