If you’re not in the market for a functional-yet-cute blazer or trousers, we made a list of people in your life that might benefit from one!

  • A recent high school or college graduate. Fakin’ it till you make it is a little easier in a suit. 
  • A womxn in your life that is re-entering the workforce or changing industries. Pass the pockets, please.
  • A friend who finally snagged that promotion. She deserves a new suit to match.
  • A friend starting a new job. They’ll have ever so slightly less to juggle with some functional pockets at the ready.
  • A mentor who’s. given you enough advice to fill the suit’s eight pockets. They could use the storage!

A suit can be worn to work, out to dinner, or dressed up for a night on the town. Even if you do not own a suit, you could donate it to your local women's shelter or charity. So do your favorite human a favor, and snag them their soon to be the most-worn outfit. 

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