Did you say pockets? An Intro to Holdette

Hey girl,

My name is Sarah and I’m the founder of Holdette! I’m a senior at Boston University and started Holdette back in my freshman year. I am so glad you’re here and I can’t wait to grow the company with your input and advice.

And now a little background:

It all started in the shower. I was letting the water rush over me and thinking ‘why the heck when I go out do I have to carry my phone and my keys in my hands and my male friends don't have to’. It didn’t take long for me to realize the difference lay in our differing fashion options. Wearing women’s clothes I was plagued with a severe lack of pockets while all my male counterparts had pockets big enough to hold the state of Texas. After what was probably way too little research, I decided to solve this pocket problem myself. And so Holdette was born.

Holdette, originally called The Collective, has changed in exact execution several times. What started as a clothing aggregator for clothes with pockets, morphed into a subscription box, which pivoted into a platform for independent designers to share their clothes with pockets. All of these pivots have led us to our current iteration, arguably the best yet, and the last major change for a while.

So what now?

Today, Holdette is launching a functional workwear line for women. Let's be real- workwear options that exist today are just not keeping up. You’re busy running to meetings, crushing it all day, and taking the town at night. There is no time to worry about where your phone and wallet are. We are designing clothes that are meant to empower you to take on your day but seamlessly fit into your life so you can rely on their functionality. We think that if men get to slip their phones, wallets, keys, headphones, an extra 23 cents to our 77 cents into their pockets, it’s about damn time we get some pockets too.

This line has been shaped by me and the incredible women in my life and now I’m so excited to create this line with your help and shape it into something we’re all proud of.

Now that you know a little more about Holdette, I’m hoping you’re excited to join our community. You can do so on Instagram and through our upcoming blog series on badass women in the workplace. Please never hesitate to reach out to us with feedback, suggestions, or comments. This is our community and we are so excited that you are part of it!




Did you say pockets? An Intro to Holdette


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