11 Businesses for Women by Women

In honor of Women’s History Month, Holdette wanted to shine a light on a few of our favorite female-founded businesses that made it their mission to empower other womxn! Although our list is short, we hope it inspires people to learn who they are supporting behind the businesses that help them work, shop, invest, and etc. 



IFundWomen was founded by Karen Cahn, Kate Anderson, and Sarah Sommers and helps startups can raise capital through crowdfunding. IFundWomen is different than Kickstarter and Indiegogo because of their coaching services and crowdfunding e-course designed to set founders up for success. Women are starting businesses 4.8 times faster than the national average” and iFundWomen is helping female founders get the funding they need in order to take off.


Ellevest founded by Sallie Krawcheck who wants to break the stereotype that the investing world is just for men. Ellevest is an easy online investing tool that uses algorithms tailored to your salary, gender, and lifespan to set you up for financial success. Women typically live longer and are paid less. Shouldn’t we have financial tools aimed to help us succeed?

The Wing

The Wing was founded in 2016 by Audrey Gelman and Lauren Kassan as a place where women of all fields could come together to work, connect, and support one another.  Now with 12 locations in seven cities, The Wing is bringing women from coast to coast closer. If your work isn’t strictly 9-5 or you need a place to work on that side hustle, The Wing’s female-focused culture might be a great place for you.

Viv For Your V

You might remember founder Katie Diasti who wrote for Holdette about her experience starting Viv For Your V. Her company is creating transparent period care at an affordable cost without plastics or toxins. “It’s about time we have menstrual care that is good for your body & our planet.” You can now purchase pads and liners on their website.


Flare, founded by Quinn Fitzgerald and Sara Dickhaus de Zárraga, knows that sometimes it’s hard to get out of tough situations, so they created a bracelet with customizable safety options like a button which you can click to text your friend if you find yourself in a tricky spot. Their bracelet was built by survivors and gives anyone wearing the bracelet the comfort they might need (plus, it’s a pretty cute accessory all by itself too!)


Thinx was founded by Miki Agrawal and sells period-proof underwear. The companies mission is to “smash shame around bodies and reproductive health” and is fueling initiatives to better puberty health education by donating their time and underwear and helping grassroots activists spread the word about period-health. 

Harper Wilde

Harper Wilde was founded by Jenna Kerner and Jane Fisher and makes bras that take the BS out of Bra Shopping.  With their #Liftuptheladies campaign Harper Wilde partners with Girls, Inc. to support mentorship and education of young women and girls. Harper Wilde is female-focused through every aspect of its brand with a completely vetted manufacturer which even has it’s own program to lift up the women who work there. 

Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective was founded by Ellie Dinh and produces sustainable workout wear for women. From start to finish their products are doing good for the planet so you can be proud to wear their clothes.


Billie was founded by Georgina Gooley and makes “Razors built for womenkind.” Billie is created by women, for women, so women can stop paying extra for razors and other shaving products. Made with healthy ingredients, their razors are cutting out the pink tax and giving back 1% of what they make to a woman’s cause around the world. 


Girlboss was founded by Sophia Amoruso to “redefine success for millennial women by providing the tools and connections they need to own their futures.” They have created a community where women can grow in their work and personal lives. Most recently they launched their community networking platform where you can connect with other badass women (kinda like LinkedIn, but just for ladies!)

Women’s Lunch Place 

Women’s Lunch Place located in Boston was founded by Eileen Reilly and Jane Alexander and is a safe, welcoming place for homeless women that provides basic necessities and services that help restore dignity and hope. They help with medical care, job hunting, meals, and have a creative expression program where they have classes in sewing, painting, and writing. Last year the program served 104,715 meals to over 1,500 individual women.


For more recommendations or other places to shop that support womxn check out our other guest blog written by Natalie Held! Natalie's blog focuses more on shopping from small businesses!

11 Businesses for Women by Women


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