30 Women-Owned Businesses You Should Shop This Holiday Season

With the holiday season approaching, the scramble to find last minute gifts for friends and family can seem like a daunting task. Instead of purchasing from power-hungry, male-dominated businesses, why not purchase from badass women perfecting their craft? Over Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I comprised a list of my favorite women artists, businesses, and creatives and shared their handles on Instagram. All of them are women-owned, philanthropic, small/local, and/or independent. I figured it costs me absolutely nothing to promote and share their work on my platform so sharing them with you, here, is no different! Sometimes we can’t always afford others’ work, but it is still super important to lift them up and share their artistry.


When we think of women supporting women, it shouldn’t just be about giving them a seat at the table but making sure they’re getting paid as well. When you pay for a good from an independent seller, you’re directly impacting their life. That purchase could be their internet bill, coffee, or even dinner that night. With the wage gap not looking like it’ll close any time soon, now more than ever we should be supporting our fellow sisters and queer artists who make a living off their art. Here are 30 women-owned artists, businesses, and creatives!


Ten Women-Owned Small Businesses/Artists
1. @blessedbethebrains (that’s my business!)
2. @etherealandco
3. @littleandsage
4. @hourglassboston
5. @nicole_fichera
6. @an_erin
7. @lipslut
8. @phenomenal
9. @ouimillie
10. @aquinnahjewelry

Ten Women-Owned Small or Independent Businesses/Start-Ups
1. @argent
2. @getflare
3. @littlewomangoods
4. @honey_hangs
5. @rentbestdressed
6. @grlsquash
7. @bloombox_flowers
8. @upstyle.co
9. @tridentbooks
10. @lorcacoffeebar

Ten Women Artists/Creators
1. @toriclarkart
2. @emz.illustration
3. @imhartley
4. @awkaddi
5. @autumrainn
6. @colorfulnatalie
7. @abeeolah
8. @waveshairdesign_
9. @emkopel
10. @kayley.e.r

And, as always, you should continue to support Holdette! Hopefully, this list has introduced you to a new product, person, or even inspired a form of art for yourself. This holiday season, give the most important gift of all–supporting women. 

Natalie Held is a Political Science and Journalism double major at Boston University currently working with Julia Mejia on her campaign and activist work. On the side, she is a freelance social media manager, micro-influencer and runs her podcast and online shop, Blessed Be The Brains. 



30 Women-Owned Businesses You Should Shop This Holiday Season

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  • BArbara DRaimin

    What a terrific list. Go women for women.

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